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High-Quality Social Media Video Production

Ark Media is a Birmingham-based, multi-award-winning social media video agency that helps clients, not only in the West Midlands, but throughout the UK to build a strong social media presence. With our video experts by your side, you can engage your audience with high-quality, shareable social media video content that increases brand awareness and boosts your sales. 

 We are committed to creating social media content that works for you. To do this, we will build a bespoke strategy to connect with your ideal audience on the social media channels where they spend their time, be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or any other social platform

Our Social Media Video Production Services

From Facebook videos to Instagram and YouTube videos, we produce video content for all platforms to achieve success, whatever that may look like for you. With our social media videos, you will be able to get people to follow you, like, share or comment on your post, click through to your website or buy your products or services. Our comprehensive social media video production services include:

Social Media Strategy

To make sure the social media videos we produce match up with your goals and expectations, we take a strategic approach. Before we get started on the creative side of things, we do thorough audience and competitor research to identify the best social media platforms, type of content and distribution strategy for reaching your potential customers and partners.

Professional Video Production

Depending on what you want to achieve, your social video content could include brand stories, promotions, how-to videos, product demos, interviews, reveals, behind the scenes and we can also look at how you can incorporate user-generated content. Here are some examples of video content we can create for you:

Social Media Distribution

At Ark Media, we don’t just stop with social media video production. Our team of video marketers will ensure your videos are distributed across your social platforms in a way that will maximise the impact of the content – from managing a video ad campaign through to building your YouTube Channel or creating and managing your Insta reels. With a data-driven mindset, we monitor the performance of your content and adjust our strategy to secure the best return on investment for you.

5 Tips for Doing Social Media Video Right

1. Focus on Targeting

The aim of producing any social media video is to get the video seen by as many relevant people as possible. To do this, it is important to identify who your target market is and what channels and times are best to share your content to reach this target audience.

2. Make It Shareable

Shareability is one of the most important factors to determine the performance of your social media videos, as sharing is an effective way to expand your audience and attract new customers. To make video content shareable, it should be of great quality, engaging, attention-grabbing and relevant to your audience.

3. Drive Conversions

 Remember to add calls to action at the end of your videos or, in other words, make sure you tell those who watch your video, what you would like them to do next, whether this is to call, buy, share, comment, subscribe, visit your website or something else.

4. Optimise for SEO

The more people who see your video, the better, so try to increase its visibility by using catchy headlines, targeted descriptions and hashtags to optimise your videos for SEO. This helps your social media video content appear in search engines results on Google, Bing and more.

5. Think Reusable Content

When it comes to making the most of your video production, there’s one thing to always keep in mind – a single video doesn’t just mean one piece of content. You can have your main hero piece and then use shorter clips, still images (we shoot in 4K so you end up with images too), re-edits for different platforms, the blooper reel, the b-roll and behind the scenes footage.


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