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High-quality drone filming & video production

Bring films and videos to life with Ark Media’s drone filming service. Our licensed drone pilots work across the UK providing clients with outdoor aerial footage of countryside, construction projects, buildings and land for a variety of purposes.  

In addition, we produce internal fly-through drone videos which enable the video viewer to feel as if they are ‘flying through’ your building. This gives a much more dynamic approach and ensures your final footage is engaging for your audience. 

Above all else, our award-winning team works to ensure the videos we create for you, deliver tangible results for your business.

More qualified leads
Higher conversion rate
of video content retained by the viewer

Our Drone Filming Service

Our drone video service is delivered by experienced drone pilots who have the creative eye and technical expertise to capture breath-taking aerial footage for a wide range of high-quality commercial video content. Equipped with the necessary CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) permissions and cutting-edge drone technology, we have the skills and tools to produce:

• Drone filming outdoors (up to 120m) 
• Spectacular indoor fly-through drone videos
• Award-winning TV commercials
• CGI Visualisation
• 4K camera quality
• Professional drone photography

Client recognition

Drone filming services
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Working with Ark Media

At Ark Media, we utilise aerial footage to provide the viewer with an idea of the depth and scale of an area while an internal fly-through which leads the viewer through a building providing a story and capturing footage in a different way. Having won multiple industry awards over the years, we have proven our expertise in creating engaging video content of the highest quality. 

We also know that even the best drone video won’t make a difference if it doesn’t reach the right audience, so we take a strategic approach to the creation and distribution of drone video footage. We produce our videos with your goals and objectives in mind and a clear plan on how to achieve them through targeted multi-channel distribution. 

Last but not least, we are proud to work with a team of experienced and highly qualified professional drone pilots to ensure that our drone filming service holds up to the top industry standards. With filming permissions taken care of on our end, you will have nothing to worry about when it comes to your drone video production project.

Drone filming services


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