6 Ways Corporate Video Benefits Your Marketing Strategy

6 Ways Corporate Video Benefits Your Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is a fast-evolving and truly effective way to portray a story, engage an audience, and successfully advertise a brand. With the explosion in the popularity of hand-held devices and social media, the potency of video as an in-depth vehicle to reach audiences has transformed the way a brand can tell its story and motive. 

The idea behind corporate video is to encompass a business’ goals and objectives, and portray them in a positive and attractive light to the public. There are several ways that corporate video can have a positive impact on your marketing strategy, and your business as a whole. 

A massive 93% believe that video content converts the same or better than other forms of content, and 83% of marketers say that video is more important than ever. In this guide, we will outline the ways that video marketing can benefit your marketing strategy.

What Is Video Marketing?

Video content marketing is when a brand utilises video media to raise its profile, attract and engage with its audience and advertising. It helps position your brand as an authority on a topic, develop lasting relationships with your customer base, and improve your perceived reputation.

Video can arrest attention and captivate in a way that goes way beyond imagery alone. It becomes a channel through which viewers feel connected and emotionally invested in a brand. Whether it takes the form of a YouTube video or a social media snippet, video media is a platform for interviews, webinars, or self-hosted videos. 

With the wide range of options available, video content has never been easier to create, making it an option for every business no matter their videography skill or experience. This makes video content an essential strand of your digital marketing approach, working successfully for both B2C and B2B strategies. 

Video Marketing Is A Preferred Medium

Video content is not just a convenient method for the public to absorb media and make information easy to digest, it also builds an emotional connection. People are social animals, and we engage better with human faces. Words only account for 7% when communicating a message, with tone responsible for 38% and facial expressions communicating 55%. The human brain is wired to interpret faces, triggering higher levels of attentiveness and interest, and leading to consumers buying with emotion.

People watch over a billion hours of video content on Youtube every day, providing businesses with the opportunity to be seen by a wider audience. 60% of people even prefer watching video content online rather than on television. Video content is changing the way that we as a society are consuming entertainment.

Research shows that we are also more likely to be influenced by and believe in someone who is making eye contact with us, meaning that a facial visual can be a vital tool in video marketing. We enjoy interacting with and consuming video content because it feels as though we are truly building a connection with another human being, even if it’s just pixels on a screen.

The domination of social media over our online habits means that the face of advertising has changed and with it our strategies. More than half the world now uses social media, with the biggest gains being made on YouTube, Tiktok and Instagram. The common factor? They are all video-sharing platforms.

So, How Can Video Marketing Benefit Your Brand?

There are six key corporate video benefits that your business can easily profit from by utilising this form of video media. 

1. Brand Awareness

Video content is a really useful tool in fully explaining to potential buyers the ultimate goals and use of a brand. There are multiple senses at work when we digest videos, with audio and video working together to augment the point that is being made. 

With attractive infographics, written text, and a human voice leading us through the content, we are gently but thoroughly guided towards a certain point.

Customers will only buy into your brand if they understand it and believe in it. Video marketing helps get your point across, making the public aware of your existence by building your reputation. An excellently executed brand video reflects your brand’s professionalism and authority.

2. Increased Traffic

Video is a great way to boost the number of people visiting your website, where they can take valuable actions such as a conversion. As we have seen, videos connect with people in a way that pictures or text cannot. Teaser videos that distil sections of information in a truly concise way are a great hook to intrigue people into clicking through to your site for more information.

Great quality branded video content will reflect the professionalism of your business, earning trust and reputation. 

Going for unique, creative and engaging content that is created specifically for your brand is much more effective than going for a template. Be aware that the entire time your video is being watched, your viewer is forming an impression, so leaving a good one will ensure your overall brand is appealing to your target customer.

3. SEO

You may be surprised to know, YouTube is used as an alternative search engine. Uploading a video to the platform that targets popular search terms is a great way to get your business on the first page of Google. This is because Google prioritises videos above regular results, giving it prime real estate and giving your link the priority. 

Also, embedded multi-media content such as Google is an easy way to give your website’s organic SEO a boost. Google wants to see that you are the authority on a certain topic, and if you show the search engine giant that you know your stuff with not only text but with video content, you will be rewarded with a higher ranking. Google’s main concern is to give searchers the most accurate and useful information that it can for the searched term, so if you can post a range of interesting video content for your users, it will recognise your web page. 

More clicks mean a higher ranking and a higher-ranking results in more clicks. Crack this, and you will have a continuous self-fertilising cycle.

4. ‘Shareability’

Videos are easily shared, retweeted, and even embedded onto your website. This conveniently accessible function means that one piece of branded video content has a lot of value and can be spread across multiple platforms.

The more a video is shared, the wider your brand travels, and the likelihood of it catching the attention of the desired client it has. If people find your video appealing, funny or relatable, they are then able to share the content on their own social media. This triggers a chain reaction of sharing through the followings of people built on social media, and the possibility of a viral video. The goal is to utilise the follow count not just of your brand’s social media platforms, but also that of your followers, and their followers. 

Try to keep your social videos short, people will skip past longer videos in their scrolling habits, with 46% of people saying that anything over 15 seconds is too long.

5. Audience Engagement

Video is the top performer for driving conversations. Social media is inherently geared towards the sharing of opinions, facts, and conversation, so make sure your brand is thrust into the centre of it.

Tweets with video got 10 times more engagement than those without, and video content is 12 times more successful than other kinds of content, including images and text alone. 

For longer videos, try paid advertisements. Familiarise yourself with the different ways each platform’s algorithm works and utilise this knowledge to maximise your engagement and reach.

6. Return On Investment

Video marketers can achieve 66% more leads per year, and including a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%.

With such great results coming from video marketing, it is proven to be a great strand of your digital media marketing. 

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