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Branded video content

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Branded corporate video production

Expand your communications and marketing strategy with powerful, branded content. As a leading corporate video company, Ark Media creates branded video productions designed to drive your unique business goals. Whether it’s conversion rates optimisation (CRO), brand awareness, increased sales or customer engagement, we are here to help you achieve your objectives. 

We’re proud to provide a 5-star-rated corporate video production service to our clients, both for B2B and B2C video content.

Growing your brand with video marketing

Branded video content can be a powerful tool in your video marketing armoury and one you can use across your digital channels to help increase brand awareness, engagement and loyalty.

Our corporate video production services ensure you are really building trust and resonating on an emotional level with your audience. The key is to keep it open and honest, yet subtle and grounded in the culture of your brand.

Whilst branded content is closely linked to promotional videos it’s less about the product or service you are offering and more about the emotional connection your brand has with your customers (and potential customers). In fact, there’s a good chance your video content in this area would contain no call to action at all.  It is literally about raising awareness, increasing your reach and building a relationship with your audience. 

The benefits of using branded video content

Branded content enables your audience to become your brand ambassadors, helping to spread the message for you. By creating savvy films relevant to your brand and importantly your audience this is where you can really engage.

Benefit 1

Branded Video Content

Brand ambassadors

Once we’ve understood your brief and objectives, our creatives nail down the concept The process can include scripting, storyboarding, casting, music licensing and liaising with Clearcast for script approvals, media strategy, media buying (if you don’t have an agency in place), recces and scheduling.

Benefit 2

Branded Video Content

Stronger Brand Personality

Branded content or native advertising has more of an organic feel and is reaching your audience in a more relevant way.

Benefit 3

Branded Video Content

Shareable Content

Branded content that is innovative and inevitably entertaining has the share-ability factor of increasing your brand reach.

Benefit 4

Branded Video Content

Connect with your audience

Consumers don’t want to be sold to. Telling a story will create a connection with people informing them in an entertaining and unique way.

How does corporate video production work?

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Creating Successful Branded Video Content

Here are some of the things we do to ensure your branded content performs well:

• Put your business needs at the forefront
• Create branded content that evokes emotion 
• Deliver expert quality films within budget
• Tell your brand’s story in an engaging way
• Tailor the content to target the right audience
• Have a strategic, actionable distribution plan
• Think about added value (CTAs, embedded links & more)
• Optimise for SEO with captions, metadata, schema and more
• Analyse and improve based on the performance data

Award-winning corporate video company

When you are choosing the right corporate video company to tell your story, you shouldn’t settle for anything but the best. With a whole range of prestigious awards under our belt, from the 

Global Trend Award to the RTS Awards, here at Ark Media, we continue to prove time and time again that we are industry leaders who deliver impeccable results. 

Choose our experienced team of corporate video production specialists

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